Flooding Restoration

I have a good friend of mine that recently had their house flooded will need water damage restoration San Diego. It was a horrible experience for his family and they are still dealing with the aftermath of the damage. I know that they have been billed by the restoration company for over ten thousand dollars in repairs. It is such a bad situation because it has used up all their savings and now they are very poor and have no extra money for bills. I feel really bad for them and I don’t even know what to do because he is a good guy that had a really bad thing happen to him.

What to do after a Storm

After there is a big storm there are a lot of things that you must do in order to protect your home from further water damage repair Los Angeles. One of the first things is to board up all the windows and doors to make sure no one can come inside your home and steal your belonging while you are gone and waiting for the home to be repaired. A lot of times family will stay in a local motel or hotel until all the damage has been fixed and they can move back in. So once everything is boarded up it is best to check on the home at least once a day to make sure everything is safe and not being vandalized.